Endicia for Mac URL Type

An easy way to integrate Endicia for Mac into an existing web-based workflow is via the endicia:// URL type.

Below is an example of a sample URL. You must have Endicia for Mac installed for this to work.

Don't worry it won't print or spend any postage:

endicia://newShipment2/?ToAddress=Pat%20Castaldo%0A312%20Columbia%20Street%20NW%20%20Suite%203%0A Olympia%20WA%2098501%0Ausa; ReferenceID=12345;ToEMail=mac%40endicia.com;Value=25.98;ToPhone=;MailClass=PRIORITY

How To Make Your Own URL

Simply construct a URL that begins with endicia://newShipment2/?

And use any ofthe tags found in the XML specification.

Make sure you URL encode any values you send over (like spaces, line feeds, etc). Most languages have built-in support for this, for example, in PHP you can use rawurlencode() and Objective-C/Cocoa you can use
-[NSString stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:].

After following this URL, Endicia for Mac will activate and populate the fields with the information in the URL. If you use a web-based database, you can easily construct these URL's and then as you fulfill your shipments, click the URL's to bring over the destination address, no need to copy and paste.