Endicia for Mac 2.14.4

August 28, 2014

Changes and Bug Fixes:

  • There is no longer an error printing Certified Mail. As an added bonus, Ceritified Mail now prints with the barcode on large envelopes and packages and you only need to attach a generic Label 3800-N to the item. This functionality will be available for letters in a future release.
  • Fixed an issue where the Printable Postage screen was blurry or had jagged text.
  • If you switch print preview on then off again, the PDF output options will work correctly.
  • A few other cosmetic issues have been corrected.

Looking to print on pre-addressed return envelopes?

  • This new release now requires complete return address for every postage print. However, if you are printing to envelopes or postcards that already have an address printed on them, you can turn off return address printing in the Postcards & Envelopes tab of the Printer Setup panel.

Download 2.14.4

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